Person-Centered Care

Person-centered care is taking root in Ohio as nursing homes, assisted living homes and home and community-based service providers continue to transition from an institutional culture toward an environment that supports the core values of person-centered care. The core values of choice, dignity, respect, self-determination and purposeful living are emerging in ideas, conversations and practice. Persons receiving long-term care services are starting to sense the benefits of person-centered care as their preferences, personal practices, community involvement and life continues to grow and evolve while receiving supportive services in the setting of their choice and that best meets their needs.

Pioneer Network:  Pioneer Network advocates for elders across the spectrum of living options (which are often dictated by differing levels of the medical care required) and is working towards a culture of aging that supports the care of elders in settings where individual voices are heard and individual choices are respected — whether it is in nursing homes, transitional care settings or wherever home and community may be.

Ohio Person-Centered Care Coalition:  The mission of the Ohio Person-Centered Care Coalition is to influence and support transformational culture change in the long-term care environments where all individuals can experience meaning and purpose.