What We Do

The Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program The Ombudsman Program was established by federal law over three decades ago. Trained and certified Ombudsman advocates assist residents and families throughout the nation. Our mission is to promote high-quality, compassionate care for consumers of long-term care services through complaint investigation and resolution, and providing access to unbiased factual information on long-term care issues. The Ombudsman Program may be reached by phone at (800) 395-8267 or (937) 223-4613. We work with individuals and long-term care facilities to resolve complaints and advocate for resident's rights and person-centered care concepts for nursing home residents in Montgomery, Preble, Greene, Clark, Miami, Darke, Logan, Shelby, and Champaign Counties. Our work as advocates is consistent with the following principles:

Ombudsman Principles:

  • The resident's or care recipient's right to self-determination is respected and consistently supported.
  • All Ombudsman actions are directed by the client or by their recognized legal surrogate as determined by law.
  • Informed consent is promoted through access to and discussion of information, care options in the least restrictive environment and any consequences of decisions.
  • The right to confidentiality is paramount and protected unless specific permission is granted to release information.
  • The Ombudsman acts in accordance with standards and practices consistent with the achieved level of certification and as determined by the State Ombudsman for Ohio located at the Ohio Department of Aging.
  • Ombudsmen work at the direction of the care recipient or legal representative and while they have no regulatory powers are very successful in problem solving and  negotiating a resolution to care concerns;
  • You can speak with an Ombudsman knowing that your problem will be handled professionally and confidentially. No information will be released without your explicit approval.
  • We provide options to resolving your specific complaint through referral, negotiation and other interventions.

What services are offered?

  • The long-term care Ombudsmen are advocates for consumers, regardless of age, who are receiving or did receive long term care services.  Ombudsmen assist residents in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, adult care homes as well as in-home services.
  • There are no fees or charges for assistance provided by the Ombudsman program.
  • The Ombudsman Program offers three types of services; Information, complaint investigation/resolution and advocacy in the facilities.

Information Services:

  • Information on your rights as a consumer of LTC services
  • Information and guidance in using performance and quality data to help select the right service provider for you.
  • Information regarding the rules and laws which apply to long-term care services in Ohio
  • Information on the full range of care options to best meet your individual needs